Becoming an owner

Becoming a horse racing owner is not a hobby like the others. This is a hobby that opens doors to an unknown and fascinating world. Becoming an owner allows you to face unusual intensive emotions and have some rewarding and varied encounters… It also allows you to daydream. It is a unique opportunity to escape daily and vibrate with the rhythm of the hoofs.

What you might not know is that this dream is far from being unrealistic!

Christophe Ferland answers the questions that most aspiring horse racing owners ask themselves.

· How to become an owner?

“Nowadays, there are many ways to become a horse racing owner or co-owner without investing excessive fees and with equanimity. For more information about the different ways to become an owner, the steps to take, and the legal and fiscal measures, you can refer to the complete guide published by France Galop : »


·  Where do we buy a racehorse?

« Most thoroughbreds are bought at auction and at different stages of their development: foals, yearlings or two-year-olds (they are already pre-trained), or at a later age from another stable. I personally go to these sales and purchase many very good horses like DABIRSIM ( 30.000€ ) or SAHAWAR ( 55.000€ ) on behalf of owners. I will make it my business to select the horse that suits your criteria, or refer you to a specialized agent in this area. It is also possible to purchase a horse within the context of some races which are called claiming races in accordance with a secret ballot system. Lastly, some sales are brokered privately directly with the breeder or owner of the horse. »

There are two thoroughbred auction agencies in France :



· How much does it cost… and how much can it yield ?

“The initial investment is very variable whether you choose to become an owner for yourself, to join with your friends or to purchase a share of a group stable. You have to add the training fees, veterinary care, and the blacksmith fees to the purchase price of the horse. The transportation costs to the racecourse are partially reimbursed by France Galop.

As far as receipts are concerned, the amounts earned in the races cover on average 50% of the horse racing maintenance costs, excluding the purchase price (from France Galop). I personally do all in my power to make the horses which are confided to me realize the best possible sporting career according to their abilities. I also commit myself to avoiding unnecessary expenses to my owners and being completely transparent.”

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